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About our Restaurant

We here at Arlo’s Pizzeria on Chevron Island strive to give you the best authentic Italian pizza and pasta on the Gold Coast. We offer quality ingredients sourced locally where possible that delivers freshness and a sourdough pizza base that we are proud to call an Arlo’s pizza.

Arlo’s Pizzeria is a small family owned and run b.y.o Italian pizzeria on Chevron Island, Surfers Paradise, that is the creation of Paul and Jo-Anne Ramunno, who between them have a lifetime of experience in chefing and hospitality. Arlo’s Pizzeria is named after their adorable son – Arlo and inspired by Chef Paul’s Italian heritage. The pizzas adhere to traditional methods but aren’t restrained by them and utilise top quality sustainable ingredients that offer a range of traditional Italian inspired Sourdough pizzas.

‘In the kitchen we like to do everything we can ourselves from grating fresh mozzarella and slicing our specially selected small goods to prepping fresh produce daily.’ ~ See our special board for Chef Paul’s weekly creations.

The sourdough base is crisp, light and hand shaped using traditional Italian methods that brings you the best mouth watering sourdough pizza base smothered with a rich homemade pomodoro sauce and adorned with a perfectly restrained scattering of toppings. After extensive research striving to find the best quality flours, Chef Paul finally found what he was looking for – certified Australian sustainable flours from New South Wales. The dough is a mix of 100% certified Australian Grown sustainable white flour blended with Stoneground Wholemeal flour and Spelt flour that is brought together with Chef Paul’s very own natural living yeast. Arlo’s Pizzeria uses a long, slow cold fermentation of the dough which is the key ingredient for a superior taste and texture that gives you the best authentic Italian Sourdough Pizza on the Gold Coast.

We can cater to all dietary requirements and love to whip up yummy tasty vegan pizzas and pastas to order.

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Our Menu

    • Specials

    • Arlo’s BIG Boy

      Arlo’s BIG Boy

      24” Sourdough pizza (Gold Coast's largest sourdough pizza).

      Available take-away and dine-in.

      Price on request based on toppings selected.

      Vegan and Vegetarian options available.

    • Sourdough Italian Mini Rolls

      Sourdough Italian Mini Rolls


      With coffee!

      ~Prosciutto-Rocket-Parmesan ~Salami-Grilled Artichoke-Provolone ~Ham-Mozzarella-Tomato ~Pesto-Roast capsicum-Eggplant

    • NEW Online Ordering

      Ordering now made even easier by clicking the ORDER NOW button this will take you to the new online ordering platform where you can place your orders quickly and efficiently and will be ready for pick up within 20 to 30min. Exciting Announcement that Delivery will now also be available starting this Wednesday for the Chevron Island residents with the delivery area to expand over the coming weeks.

    • Focaccia

    • Garlic butter, Italian dried herbs

    • CHEESY Mozzarella

    • Black olives, artichoke, cherry tomatoes, rosemary

    • Pizza Rossa

      Pomodoro mozzarella base - S 9” L 13”

    • Marinara (originale no cheese) (v)

      S $11 L $16

      Pomodoro, cherry tomatoes, garlic olive oil, oregano

    • Margherita (vg)

      S $13 L $20

      Fior Di Latte mozzarella, fresh basil

    • Alle Acciughe

      S $13 L $19

      Anchovies, cherry tomatoes, black olives, thyme, garlic olive oil 

    • Frutti di Mare

      S $17 L $26

      Local Prawns, Aust Squid, NZ Mussels , cherry tomatoes, garlic, fresh parsley

    • Gamberi e Rucola

      S $16 L $24

      Local QLD prawns, fresh rocket, lemon, fresh chilli, garlic olive oil

    • Spinaci e Ricotta (vg)

      S $13 L $20

      Spinach, ricotta, black olives, cherry tomatoes, garlic oil

    • Calabrese

      S $15 L $21

      Calabrese hot salami, spicy 'Nduja sausage, capsicums, anchovies, olives, grated parmesan

    • Ai Funghi

      S $16 L $24

      Fresh mushrooms, Fior Di Latte mozzarella, prosciutto crudo, truffle oil

    • Nonno’s

      S $15 L $23

      Salami, pancetta, pepperoni, Italian pork sausage, dried chilli flakes

    • Vegetariano (vg)

      S $16 L $23

      Mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, artichoke, capsicums, fresh rocket

    • Capricciosa

      S $15 L $21

      Leg ham, olives, fresh mushrooms (anchovies optional)

    • Tropicale Pine and Swine

      S $14 L $19

      Leg ham, fresh pineapple, dried chilli flakes

    • Suprema

      S $16 L $24

      Salami, leg ham, mushrooms, capsicums, onions, Kalamata olives, oregano

    • JOEY Pepperoni

      S $14 L $20

      Pepperoni, capsicums   

    • Rocco’s Create your own

      S $15 L $22

      Pomodoro, mozzarella + 4 toppings (extra for seafood)

    • Pizza Bianca

      Brushed with garlic oil - S 9” L 13”

    • Aglio (vg)

      S $12 L $16

      Garlic oil, mozzarella, Italian dried herbs, cracked pepper

    • Potate e Salsiccia

      S $13 L $19

      Potato, rosemary, Italian pork sausage, cherry tomatoes, pecorino

    • Quattro Formaggi (vg)

      S $14 L $21

      Mozzarella, provolone, gorgonzola, asagio, thyme

    • Fungi e Ricotta (vg)

      S $15 L $22

      Fresh mushrooms, Fior Di Latte mozzarella, truffle ricotta, fresh rocket

    • Insalata

    • Italian salad


      Garden greens, tomatoes, onion, olives, balsamic dressing

    • Rocket Salad


      Parmesan, prosciutto, croutons, red onions, balsamic dressing

    • Caprese Salad


      Fresh Fior Di Latte mozzarella, tomatoes, onions, basil, oregano, white balsamic

    • Spinach Salad


      Fresh spinach, gorgonzola, walnuts, fresh pear, white balsamic

    • Extras

    • Replace with Fior Di Latte mozzarella

      S $2.5 L $4.5
    • Ocean

      S $3 L $5

      A selection of fresh seafood

    • Land

      S $2.5 L $4

      A selection of meats and cheese

    • Garden

      S $1.5 L $2.5

      A selection of fresh, locally sourced vegetables

    • Pasta

      Fettuccini or Rigatone included or Ravioli (spinach & ricotta) $3

    • Beef Ragu


      Beef slow-braised with rich red wine tomato sauce, parsley, grated parmesan

    • Alla Amatriciana


      Pancetta, chilli flakes, fresh garlic, tomato sugo, pecorino 

      Add: local QLD prawns or Australian squid $5

      Italian pork sausage or 'Nduja $4

    • Arlo’s Mac N Cheese (v)

    • Ravioli Spinach & Ricotta (v)


      Arlo’s tomato sugo, basil, grated parmesan

    • Dessert Pizza

    • Fresh Ricotta, honey, toasted pistachio, lemon zest

    • Rum glazed caramelised banana, mascarpone, toasted almonds 9”

    • Nutella, dark chocolate, pistachio, cocoa coconut mousse, mascarpone 9”


What They Say About Us


After a day on the water, we were hungry and Arlo’s delivered. Again. Best pizza on the coast. Do I need to go on? Great service, fun, casual. (Tripadvisor review - 5 May 2018)

Danny Azzi

Finally found our to go pizzeria on the Gold Coast. If your a pizza lover like me than this place is for you. Don’t hesitate. (Tripadvisor review - July 2019)

Angela Stephanie Goh

Omg the best pizza on sourdough and beef ragu pasta simply delicious! Definitely will be back as one of our many local favourites. Great customer service too! (Facebook review - August 2019)

Ryan Clarke-Holmes

The best pizza we have eaten in a long time. Fantastic customer service made for a great night. We will definitely be coming here again. (Facebook review - May 2019)

Melissa Anne

I’ve just picked up my 25th large Joey Pepperoni. Best pizza EVER. (Facebook review - April 2019)

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